The Beauty Inside (Cantonese) - 變身有情人

Other name: Byooti Insaideu, Beauty Inside
Category: Korea Drama 2018
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Status: Ep24 END
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Cast(s): Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Min Ki, Lee Da Hee, Ahn Jae Hyun
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The film revolves around Han Se Kye (Seo Hyun Jin), a famous actress but also the center of rumors. In fact, Han Se Kye suffers from a strange syndrome. At some point during the month, her appearance will change and turn into another person. She will have to live in this body for a week every month. One day, Han Se Kye met Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki), a board member of an airline. Smart, handsome, Seo Do Jae in many people's eyes is a perfect marshal. But few know he has "blindness". Unable to distinguish the faces of others, Seo Do Jae tries to hide his flaws by trying to memorize people through their habits and actions. The only person he can identify with the main face is Han Se Kye. The meeting with the beautiful actress changed his life. 改編自2015年的韓國電影《我的變身男友》。韓流巨星韓世界擁有「百變美人」綽號,每個月有七天不受控的變換面貌身份,為此大感苦惱。徐道載年輕時曾救被車撞倒的韓世界,因而傷及腦部患上臉盲症,兩人相遇後,二人的生活均起了巨大變化。
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